Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They Did The Monster Mash

Here are the pictures I promised of our little monsters dressed for Halloween.

It was also Brooke's birthday party. Poor thing, her birthdays will always compete with a major holiday just like her Mom's and her Nonna's. (Kelli's is close to Thanksgiving and mine is close to Independence Day.)

First up, we have Davin the Dragon.

Meagan trying to get him to growl is nearly as cute as he is! Ha!

Next up, is Brooke, our Arkansas Razorback Cheerleader.

She refused to do her splits or even use her pom-poms because everyone was watching her...but she still makes an awfully sassy cheerleader.
Finally, we have Maddux my zebra (Matt says he was a white tiger.)

Whichever he is...he sure is handsome!
I tried to get pictures of all three grandchildren in their costumes. However, Brooke was tired of having pictures made and Maddux just wanted to get this is what we got.

Davin was trying to keep Maddux from crawling away.

By the last flash, it looked more like the Dragon was trying to eat the zebra!
Kelli even tried to get them to lay on their stomachs and look up at the camera for a picture. But it was not to be.
Then, chaos ensued.

Brooke and Davin were turning flips, Maddux was crawling all over Davin and we finally just gave up!
Oh well, maybe next year!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Look who turned two this past week!
Miss Brooke turned two on Thursday, but had her Dora the Explorer/Halloween birthday party on Saturday. She was dressed up as an Arkansas Razorback cheerleader.

Kelli set out quite a spread for lunch...including homeade cupcakes for kids and grown-ups alike to enjoy.

Here is our birthday girl opening her presents. She received a lot of them. Kelli had to bribe her to open the last three.

Uncle Brian and Jessica brought her this cool playhouse for inside.

She also received a playhouse for the backyard. (She is closing me out by shutting the windows.)

It even comes with her very own cordless phone. I thought her expression as she 'talked' was precious. (And yes, that is a dinosaur in the background climbing through her front window...Davin.)

And finally, here is a picture of Kelli, Matt, Brooke and Maddux that we were able to snap in the midst of the chaos which is a two year old's birthday party on Halloween!
Brooke is never one for taking many pictures...and with everyone's camera focused on her for the day, I was lucky to get this many.
Happy Birthday, Bear! Nonna and Pappaw love you very, very much!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Case Of The Disappearing/Reappearing Pictures

A long, long time ago...back in the days of sunshine and know, like way back in June...we took the kids on a business trip with us to Port Aransas. Remember...that was the trip that I told you about where the pictures disappeared from my memory card?

Well, I found them! The mystery was solved when I popped in my memory card and found the June pictures, but no sight of my recent pictures...that was when I remembered that I had 'lost' a memory card earlier this year and had replaced it with an identical card. Well, the 'lost' card must have turned up in my camera bag in June but I thought it was the 'new' card, etc. etc.

Anyway, here are a few pics from our trip to Port A.
A view of the Gulf of Mexico from our resort. They have a lot of dune in that area.
Look at those cheeks! Pappaw can't help but give them a squeeze!
Derrick, patiently awaiting the 'Girls' to finish dressing for our dinner out.
Okay, Mom is going to kill me for this one...but it is the only one I got of her that she was looking at the camera.
Jim, patiently waiting on our table at the hottest restaurant on the island. Trout Street...our favorite!
Will - he looks a little bit surprised, doesn't he?
Brian and Jessica
Oh, no...even Momma is squeezing his cheeks!
Goldilocks...where did she get that hair? I know the blonde came from her daddy (though that was only when he was little) but the curls???
Meagan and Derrick
Davin schmoozing for the camera. He was making his sour face while eating a lime.
Davin and Pappaw...chilling at the condo.
Kelli and Matt were only able to make it for two days...and they decided to make it a romantic weekend without the kiddos. They left the afternoon before we took these pictures so that Matt could get back to work. I know I took some pictures out by the pool...but I must have picked up Kelli's camera by mistake, because those are definatley NOT on either memory card.
I know Davin wishes that Brooke and Maddux would have made it for the weekend... because he had the only chipmunk cheeks in the house!