Friday, June 28, 2013

Flashback Friday: 18 And Counting

This flashback is from January 11, 2013...when our 'baby' turned 18.
For his birthday, he wanted to gather with the family at Pappadeaux's for some oysters on the half shell and some good Cajun seafood.
These three call him 'Duck-Duck' and are his biggest fans!  Can you tell which two have the last name 'Ham'?  They love a camera!
The whole Goode clan.  Such a rarity.  A big thank you to the total stranger who offered to take the picture with me in it too.  William had a wonderful birthday, just the way he wanted it...surrounded by family.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Reunion, Day 2

I just wanted to share a few pictures from our larger family reunion.  We didn't think to take one of the WHOLE group...but here are some of our family (families).

The three birth order.
Sylvia, Fran & June

The least the ones that were there!

Aunt Sylvia and her granddaughter, Ryan

Aunt Fran finally got a picture with the WHOLE family!

Mom's crew...minus four grandchildren, three great grandchildren and a grandson-in-law.

Updating the family tree

And this one was just a really good one of Meagan and I decided to share it with y'all.
We had a great time!  I was exhausted by the time we made it home on Sunday night...but it was worth it.  Now to get the Jenkins side of my family together!  Maybe next year!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Was One Of Those Nights

Last Thursday night, I took a road trip with three friends to Beaumont, Texas.

Robin, Kelley, Stacy and I had VIP tickets to see Tim McGraw in concert. These tickets included an acoustical per-show performance.

We were standing just a few steps away with nothing but the speakers between the crowd and Tim.

Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties that delayed the acoustical per-show. This left us with just enough time for three songs and a quick 'thank you for coming'.

Love and Theft opened the show, but it took us that long to get our drinks and popcorn and to find our seats. Second row...just in time for the man I had come to see.

Brantley Gilbert! Brianne introduced me to his music long before his first single made it into XM radio. I love his music. Danielle teases me for having the music in my truck very mellow and relaxing as I listen to my Christian radio...but put me in the Thunderbird and in goes Brantley's CD with volume turned up as loud as my ears can stand it. Especially when I'm listening to 'Take It Outside' or 'Kickin' It In The Sticks' favorites.

Then it was time for Tim, again! He puts on a good show with a great mix of his hits.

After the show we did a 'meet and greet' with Brantley. He seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. He thanked us for coming and invited us to join him again in the future. He also signed my telephone case...which Bri has threatened to steal.

It was a good night with great friends and really did turn out to be 'One Of Those Nights'.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Reunion: Friday Night Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Friday night.  Beside the names, I have listed the relationship (1st, 2nd or 3rd cousin) as traced through Corbett and Lorene (Pickle) Fulton.  I hope you enjoy!
Jim and Fonda (1st) Goode
I'm not sure the extended family knew how to take my crazy husband!

Rita (1st) and Allen Smith

Rosa (1st), Steve & Stevi (2nd) Bolin

Derek and Ryan (2nd) Cisco

Joey, Brandi (1st), Tiffany & Sarah (both 2nd) Linder

Josh & Brianne (2nd) Allen

Paige (2nd) & Ryker (3rd) Jowers

And just so we do not forget that she was actually is a pic of our princess before she headed off to sleep.  Brianne Allen (2nd), with Delayne (3rd) & Meagan (2nd) Rodgers

Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Reunion: Friday Night

I mentioned last Thursday that we were heading to northeast Louisiana for a family reunion with my mother's side of the family.  The extended family were invited to join us on Saturday morning, but on Friday night we were meeting up with 'our family'...the direct descendants of Corbett and Lorene Fulton.
These three ladies are their daughters.  My mother (June, the baby), Aunt Fran (the middle child) and Aunt Sylvia (the eldest).  From these three issued forth this crew.
Doing what all families do, fellowship, and eat some more!
L to R: Talan, Derek, Ryan & Blake Cisco and Sylvia Roesler
My Aunt Sylvia has five children, most of them still living in Michigan.  They were not able to make it, but her granddaughter, Ryan and her family made the trip.
L to R: Tiffany, Joey, Brandi & Sarah Linder, Paige Jowers, Fran Tomerlin, Ryker Jowers, Christopher Tomerlin, and Rita & Allen Smith
Aunt Fran had the closest to perfect attendance for the Friday night gathering.  She was only missing one granddaughter who had to work...but who made it on Saturday.  (Yes, I am talking about you, Brittany!)  Aunt Fran has three children: Rita, Brandi and Christopher.  Rita and I grew up together, while Brandi and Christopher grew up with our oldest two, Meagan and Kelli.  Kelli will tell you to this day about Brandi and Meagan not letting her play with them, so she was forced to be a tomboy and play with Chris.
L to R: Brianne Allen, Meagan & Derrick Rodgers, Fonda Goode, Josh Allen, Jim Goode, June Graves, Steve, Rosa & Stevi Bolin, Brian Goode and Davin Rodgers
And finally, my mother's family.  About a third of us were missing.  Delayne was asleep when we took this picture...and, as we were the last large group, the lighting had about disappeared altogether.  (We missed you; Naiz, Jana, Kelli, Matt, Brooke, Maddux, Elliot and Will!)
These three boys became fast friends over the weekend.  It was the first time they had ever met...being separated by about 1,300 miles.  It was also the first time they ever got to chase 'lightening bugs'!  Pawpaw caught them one... would have thought they had discovered a whole new species, they were so mesmerized.
Talan and Blake with their 'baby duck' calls from Duck Commander.
Around 10:30, the younger crew decided to load up and head back to southeast Arkansas where they were staying at my sister's house.  It was time to put the kids to bed and for the adults to gather at the pool.
Brian is loaded up and ready to go!  He had enough of his mom and dad on the drive up.
I don't think they got much sleep that night...but there are 'inside jokes' galore going around Facebook since then.  We wanted to do this get together so that our kids would know where they came from.  I would say it was a success!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday: An Evening With The King

I really don't know how I managed to get so far behind in my blog posting for 2013...but I sure have. So, I have set a goal for the summer to post a 'Flashback Friday' each week. "Flashback Friday" will contain photos and content that I never got around to posting at the time it happened but that I do not want to forget. Some weeks you may get little to no witty commentary...but I will try to at least get the photos up with a caption or two.

 My first "Flashback" is to March 17,2013. Saint Patrick's Day!
The girls and I, all festive in our St. Patty's green, met at Robin's house for a pre-party.
(Aren't they pretty, y'all?)
From Robin's we all headed out to Reliant Stadium...
...Where we were blessed with amazing seats!
13th row on the floor!  Aisle Seats!
That is the stage behind the girls in this picture and they were standing at the end of our row.
Our season tickets were won in a drawing by one of our employees.  If you can spot the guy on the aisle in a white shirt, that is them...taken with a the lens turned all the way up from our seats.

As season ticket holders, we were allowed to go online and buy that many extra seats the day before the tickets went on sale to the public.  While most of my friends were also online and getting tickets in the rafters the Lord blessed the girls and I with these seats.  I never want to forget that.

I know in the grand scheme of life and problems it seems like God wouldn't care about where we sat at a concert.  But I truly believe that these seats were a miracle and a special blessing from Him.
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo had officially closed the night before.  But on Sunday night there was a special 'Concert Only' performance  featuring Martina McBride and....
'The King of Country Music', George Strait.
My girls were over the moon excited to be seeing George Strait on his final 'The Cowboy Rides Away' tour.
George and the HLSR have a long history together.  I saw him close out the last Rodeo in the Astrodome and kick off the first Rodeo in Reliant Stadium.  Mom and I went to see his summer music festival several times at Rice Stadium and Minute Maid Park.  (Way back when Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney were opening acts!)

But seeing his last tour with my girls?
That was priceless!

(Oh, yeah.  And it was Brianne's first FULL concert in her LIFE! What a way to experience your first concert!)

PS...we have decided that this performance was our Girl's Night Out at the Theater for 2013, because, really, what can top this?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family Reunion Time!!

Some of our cousins headed south on Wednesday.  Some of our kids will head north on Thursday.  Jim and I will join them on Friday.

We are excited at the prospect of seeing family members we haven't laid eyes on in thirty years (or more)...and thrilled to visit again with those we saw just last month.

Many will be unable to make the trip, for various reasons, including some of ours.  (And yes, I am bummed about that!)

No matter where they are traveling from...Michigan, Texas, Colorado, or ten miles down the road...we wish them safe travels.  And for those who can't make it..."We miss you!  Maybe next time!"

Like branches on a tree
We all grow in different directions
Yet our roots remain as One.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First The Good News

I had Panda Express for lunch today.  (And yes, I know it is not the best Chinese food in the world...but it is the closest to work, so get over it already!)  To my surprise there were two fortune cookies in the bag.

The first one read:
I like that one!  Y'all just tell me when we are leaving and I will pack my bags!

The Lord has given me a bit of wanderlust in my middle years.  "An ache for distant places" or "crave for travel"...however you want to use the word, I'm ready!

I should have stopped right there.  But, no.  I had to open the other one too.
While I understand the wisdom in those words, is my fortune cookie trying to warn me of something?  I'm not sure I like this one so much.

Of course, my last fortune cookie did not contain a fortune at all...but somehow I am still, we will just take them for what they are.  A little bit of fun contemplation for the witching three o'clock slump at my desk.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pondering Today

Yesterday this verse made it's third appearance in six months. The first time was during my devotional reading time in January.  I even wrote about it here.  Learning to be satisfied with God Himself thus enjoying a peace that could not be disturbed by one thing being out of place in my life.

The second time was during the Beth Moore study "Children of the Day - A Study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians".   I have sworn an oath not to talk about that study on Social Media until the actual study comes out in 2014...but I will say, "It is good!"

The third time was yesterday as I listened to a CD from a Living Proof Live conference TEN YEARS AGO!  The title is "The Lord God Made Woman".  And it is still speaking...LOUDLY!

I know what God is asking of me and Beth made sure to stress the fact that when He convicts us, He also empowers us to overcome.  But right now, it feels hard!

If the Lord should bring me to mind, please say a short prayer for my obedience...and for my whole spirit and soul and body to be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

Much love to y'all!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Keeping It All In The Family

Jim was sent this photo last Thursday and I just had to share it with all of you.
William's first job!

This was actually taken on his second day at work but it reminds me so much of his father that I had to share it today. I think that might even be Jim's old hardhat from his days of working in the trenches and climbing ladders laden down with sprinkler pipe.  (I just confirmed with Jim that it most certainly is his hardhat.)

He will be working in the fire sprinkler industry until it is time to start classes this fall.  He began his second week today and so far seems to like the work despite the heat.  Maybe he will like it even better once he sees that first pay check on Thursday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prom Pictures 2013

This year, the girls and I had to twist Will's arm to even consider going to prom.  He had decided not to go when the girl he asked was not able to attend.  But the females of the family pleaded with him not to miss this  right of passage known as your Senior Prom.

So he talked with one of his friends who was also dateless and they decided to go to prom in costume as...
Dumb and Dumber!  I was in Arkansas for Mom's surgery when they went to order their tuxedos.  Upon my return home, I was surprised to learn that their 'tuxedos' came from Party City!  Trust me, they look much better in the pictures than they did in person.

I even had to iron their hats!  As mortified as I was at first, upon seeing these pictures on prom night, I had to laugh because this is just soooo William!  Always making people laugh.  And looking pretty spiffy in his bright orange tux, if I (as his mother) do say so myself.

To get an idea of how flimsy these costumes were, check this out.
We made the Chippendale wanna-be's wear basketball shorts underneath the pants just in case they fell apart before they made it home.  And from what I hear, it was good thing we did.

The boys were the hit of the prom, spending most of their time on the dance floor and posing for pictures with people (including total strangers in CVS).  I even heard all about it at church the next day as parents asked if it was true that he went to prom in a bright orange tux.

It looks like they had a really good time...completely in character with their attire.

 (For some reason he reminds me of Mike Myers in 'The Cat In The Hat' in this photo.)

I am so glad that he changed his mind and decided to attend.  I truly believe that it will be a night he never forgets.  Plus, I have the pictures from last year when he went in a real tuxedo to display in the house.  Ha!