Saturday, October 20, 2012

Total iPhone Randomness

These last few pics from the iPhone are totally random nature pics. I love the sights that God provides for me every day...what else can I say?!?!
This HUGE grasshopper met me on the back steps as I came in from work one evening.

I love the sight of a fresh cut hayfield.  Especially after paying drought prices to keep our cows alive last year.

An almost total rainbow!  We saw this one evening as we were driving into town for dinner.

My new Office Buddies.
This is our 30th anniversary memento from South Africa.  Jim took the Blesbuck to the left and I took the Impala.  Don't they just look like they belong together?
This was taken at First Colony Mall the night I met friends at Grimaldi's for dinner.  What this beautifully serene picture doesn't convey is that this was the first BEAUTIFUL fall evening of the year.  Patio weather at its finest.

Mothra -- he met me at the back door on the way in from work just a few weeks back!
Have you taken the time to enjoy the beauty that the Lord has placed in your world lately?  I would love to see it too.

Friday, October 19, 2012

We Have Been Having A Good Time

Today I will share a few pictures of places we have been this fall.
In early September I attended the Toby Keith concert with my girlfriends.  Robin always gets great seats!  Third row!!!  She bought the tickets to see Toby (below)...I went to see Brantley Gilbert (set backdrop above).  Great show from both of them.  And a great night out with the Girls!

A few days after the show I met some other friends at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land.  I have been wanting to eat here since Robin, Stacy and I ate at the original Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.  (That was in February 2008!!!)  They had told us during our visit that they were building one in the Houston area and we were SOOO excited.  Unfortunately, it took longer to get to our area than anticipated...but here it is.  (Well, it has been there a little while, but not when they had originally planned.)
The building even reminds me of the Brooklyn Bridge!  And can I just say that the pizza tastes just as good as I remember.  It was a wonderful evening filled with good food and great fellowship.  I can hardly wait to see them again next week when we try another NEW place!!! 

At the end of September we were given the biggest thrill when Bri and Josh invited us to an Arkansas game!!  Woo Pig, Soiee!!
The seats were great!  And we were so close to the action!! 
Unfortunately, we were in Aggieland...and we were thoroughly, heartbreakingly beaten by those farmers!
But it was still Arkansas Razorback football, so I was in Hog Heaven!  (Side note: Josh did not get to go, so we were spared the hard core ribbing until the ride home when he called Bri to 'poke the bear'.  I will say, if you have never attended a game in Aggieland, you really should do so one day.  The fans are loud and we had to stand (in the rain) because they refuse to sit down; but it was worth every glorious moment.)

Okay, technically I have never been to this final place.  But as I was sitting in line at the bank the other day I noticed their sign and had to send a picture of it to my sister.  How often do two sisters have both their names in the same company name when neither of them have an affiliation with said company?  (Say that last sentence three times fast!)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Are Good. Really, We Are!

The blog has been so quiet lately. And though I have desired to write, each time I sit down to do so...something comes up...or my thoughts flutter away. So, I thought I would try to catch you up on our world via pictures from my cell phone. Some of these have been seen on Facebook, so I apologize for repeats in advance.
Will's back to school haircut.
He has actually had another one since then, but no pics.  How in the world have we managed to get him in a salon twice since school started?  Football...and a coach who says, "Get your hair cut, Goode!"  Heaven knows he would never do it for his mom or dad.

Josh, Will and Jim scoping out guns at the Hunter's Extravaganza back in August.  I'm shocked we didn't walk out with half of the place.  Especially since I was there!  LOL!

Jim's birthday lunch at Las Palmas with our guys.  He's 50!!!

Bulldogs and opponents in prayer before a game. 
(I think this was Willis.)

Davin standing in front of the HUGE stork that the church placed in Meagan & Derrick's yard to help welcome Delayne home.  It is hard to see his head due to the back light...but you certainly can't miss him in person!

The Bulldogs getting ready to run out of the Doghouse before the Montgomery game.

Will + Dirt Bike + Playing without his safety equipment on
(he promised he would wear it!!!)

= Frankenstein foot....just in time for Halloween!
He had the stitches removed on Tuesday.  Probably will not be playing tomorrow night, but hopefully he will be back in full swing by next week.
Oh, and speaking of Mr. Frankenstein Foot, he has also been spending time with a couple of dentists tyring to get a root canal completed.  Dentist #1 had the tip of pick break off in the last canal.  Dentist #2 discovered that there were actually two tips broken in the canal.  Tip #1 has been successfully removed by the endodontist.  He will try to fish out Tip #2 on November 1.  Poor baby has had a tough couple of weeks.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another New Baby On The Farm

Okay, I knew I had been very negligent of the blog lately but I just downloaded pictures of our new calf to post and noticed that pictures are from September 10th! Man, time sure does fly around here!

Meet 'Spot'.
She was one day old in this picture.  That is her mother, Daddy's Girl, with her in the picture above.
It took me fifteen to twenty minutes to get her to look at me.  Isn't she cute?  The most wonderful chocolate brown color.
Here she is laying in the hay.  It had been a traumatic photo taking sessions with me chasing her round and round the hay ring.
Joker's Wild loves having a new running buddy.  Poor thing, Spot's mother chases him off all the time...but he just keeps coming back, wanting to play.  (See the new baby's white spot on her hind quarter...hence, her nickname.)
And speaking of Joker's Wild...isn't this the sweetest face you have ever seen?
His demeanor just tickles me. 
Unfortunately, he no longer lets me put my hands on him.  Bah humbug!
Until next time!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Three Amigos

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."
Davin, Brooke and Maddux:
The best of friends and the worst of enemies. 
It just depends on the day.

Cheezin' for the camera

Bri snapped these pics of the three oldest Grands during our birthday celebration for Brian back in September.  Miss Elliot was sleeping in Nonna and Pappaws room at the time...and then the batteries died in the camera.  Thus, no pictures of Elliot or the birthday boy!  ;-( are plenty of 'live action' shots of the 3 Amigos.

 I don't know if this is Davin's Power Rangers move or if he is GI Joe Cobra, but he sure looks happy posing.

 Brooke is a ray of sunshine in this formerly mostly male family and I love how that beam is falling directly on her in this second picture.
 This is our little Tasmanian Devil...not that he gets into so much trouble as that he NEVER stops moving.  It is hard to snap a picture of him!
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Sweet Princess

Last Friday afternoon we welcomed another sweet princess to the family.
Delayne Elise
7 lbs. 1.5 oz.
Delayne was expected to arrive on Friday, but ever the Diva, she made sure that her arrival was not easily forgotten.  Her Pappaw and I didn't even make it out of our neighborhood once the call came that the time was getting close.

Look at all of that hair!  She looks so much like out sweet Desi did at birth. 
Proud Daddy, Pappaw and Nonna with our sweet baby girl.
Later that evening, Aunt Kelli and crew showed up to meet the new Princess.  This is the picture of our two new granddaughters side by side on the bed.

There is six weeks between them...but we know that Delayne will be trying to catch up with Elliot soon!

Our family is so blessed!  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us as we tentatively awaited Delayne's arrival.  There were many emotional days and we know that it was the prayers of the saints that helped us through those scary times.