Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They Did The Monster Mash

Here are the pictures I promised of our little monsters dressed for Halloween.

It was also Brooke's birthday party. Poor thing, her birthdays will always compete with a major holiday just like her Mom's and her Nonna's. (Kelli's is close to Thanksgiving and mine is close to Independence Day.)

First up, we have Davin the Dragon.

Meagan trying to get him to growl is nearly as cute as he is! Ha!

Next up, is Brooke, our Arkansas Razorback Cheerleader.

She refused to do her splits or even use her pom-poms because everyone was watching her...but she still makes an awfully sassy cheerleader.
Finally, we have Maddux my zebra (Matt says he was a white tiger.)

Whichever he is...he sure is handsome!
I tried to get pictures of all three grandchildren in their costumes. However, Brooke was tired of having pictures made and Maddux just wanted to get this is what we got.

Davin was trying to keep Maddux from crawling away.

By the last flash, it looked more like the Dragon was trying to eat the zebra!
Kelli even tried to get them to lay on their stomachs and look up at the camera for a picture. But it was not to be.
Then, chaos ensued.

Brooke and Davin were turning flips, Maddux was crawling all over Davin and we finally just gave up!
Oh well, maybe next year!


Anonymous said...

What great pics of all of the kids. The zebra/white tiger is so cute as well as the fierce dragon and the cute as a button cheerleader. I worked the Trick or Trunk festival at our church Halloween night. I helped cook, wrap and serve about 400 hotdogs. If I never see one again it will be too soon...haha.


Miss August said...

These pictures are great. Your grand kids are so cute!

Robin said...

too the costumes, especially the dragon...Christmas should be interesting

Anonymous said...

It's almost DECEMBER 4. I think the monster mash is officially over. I know you and your family must have done something facinating in the past month, especially those little ankle biters.

Waiting patiently,

Brenda said...

Hey Girl, I enjoy these pictures love looking at the kids they are little darlings.
You haven't blogg laely you O.K.? Yawl always got news out there your bunch is got it going.

Love you,

Brenda said...

Opps excuse spelling...lately