Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Our Garden Grows

August asked to see pictures of our garden. She is wondering what 'method' of gardening we are using. Well...it is the only one I know and it looks like this.
Jim used the bucket on his tractor to remove the grass from the highest spot in the yard and put in 5 rows approximately 50 feet long each. The first row is planted in tomatoes. The second and third have peas (plus one bell pepper plant and one cilantro plant).
(That first plant to the right is a bell pepper plant...and between last night and this evening it has lost almost all of it's leaves. Jim thought the deer had eaten it but couldn't understand why they didn't eat the peas instead. Well, while we were staking the tomatoes tonight we found out what really ate my plant. I noticed the stem of my pepper plant moving. It was a HUGE green caterpillar! He must have been eating off that plant all day!)
This is one of the pea plants from Sunday evening...and it is nearly twice that size already.

This is either a squash or an okra plant...I think it is okra. The third row is planted with half squash and half okra.
The fourth row is half cantaloupe and half cucumbers...but they aren't quite peeking out of the ground yet.
We still don't have corn in the ground...and due to recent information Jim has obtained, we may be planting broccoli instead. Evidently, you need at least three rows of corn for it to cross pollinate properly.
I will try to post pictures from the garden every week or two to let you see how things are coming along.
"Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration." Lou Erickson

Right now it is mostly Jim's perspiration...but I think he will have me investing soon!


Robin said...

be careful...when I lived in the country my neighbor Mark had to put a fence around his garden cause the deer loved his tomatoes...once they find it they'll always be back.

Anonymous said...

Yes the deer loved to eat on the garden in Marshall Dad always had that going on he also put up a fence...looks good Goodes! Love You

Allen and Rita Smith said...

Has the Texas sun gone to your head?!?! Do I need to buy you a 10 gallon hat? I would have thought all those years gardening at Grandma's and Grandpa's would have lasted you a lifetime. The only gardening I want to do has flowers, trees and shrubs in it. And once established I won't have to do much to it. No more shelling peas until your thumbs turn purple and trying to get all the silk out of corn. You 2 are crazy.


August said...

WOW! Looks like a BIG vegetable garden! Home grown veggies are great but not so sure about weeding the big garden. I think I will stick to my "method" of gardening... Earthbox!!!