Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandmas Visit The Cradle Of Liberty: Sightseeing and Souveniers

Sunday morning, Robin and I had planned to attend services at Trinity Church. However, due to some very annoying and LOUD hotel patrons who were partying next door...we didn't make it up in time.

We caught the Trolley and headed out to Cambridge to see MIT and Harvard.

The tour took so much longer than we had expected! Two hours later and we still weren't back where we had started. When we made it back to our stop, we caught a taxi back to Trinity Church so that we could take a self-guided tour. We had missed the last guided tour!

Trinity was built in 1876! And it is beautiful! Outside...

...and inside. These stained glass windows depicting milestones in the life of Christ are gorgeous.

The suspended cross nearly gets lost in the other detail. But once you spot it, you can't keep yours eyes from it.

These windows are on the sides of the sanctuary. There are murals everywhere and every place you look has some sort of architectural detail that is amazing. Over and over I saw the word "eucharist"...thanksgiving...and man, was that ever appropriate. This whole building was a testimony to people who give thanks in worship.

When we finished touring the Trinity Church, we walked across the street to tour The Old South Church.
This church was built in 1850, but the congregation has been meeting since 1670! Benjamin Franklin was baptized as an infant in 1706 in their previous meeting hall.

Again, the architectural details were awe-inspiring.

After touring both churches, we took a taxi to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for some souvenir shopping.

Evidently, we were not the only ones with that idea!

Once the t-shirts, coffee cups, ornaments and other miscellaneous keepsakes were procured, we headed back to the hotel to drop everything off and then out to dinner. We ate a Legal Seafood which was in the Prudential Center next door to the hotel.

Only one more day left for Grandmas Trip 2011...but we were up to the challenge!

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

Even though your pictures are wonderful, I bet they don't do these old churches justice. Seeing in person is usually so much better. Maybe Allen and I will go one day to see for ourselves.