Thursday, August 1, 2013

Of Superheroes And Swimming Pools

Last Saturday, the family gathered at Teri and Duane's swimming pool to celebrate the Sixth Birthday of Ironman (aka Davin Rodgers).
In Goode family tradition, there was way too much food awaiting the guests.  Though Elliot and Uncle Brian did make a dent in the watermelon!
Next it was time to head to the basketball court for some water balloon games.  I think the kids were able to play one game before chaos ensued...and no one was safe from the flying water balloons!

(BTW, Derrick Rodgers, you still have it coming.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!)

Finally! Time to open presents!
I don't know who enjoyed the present opening more, Davin or the cousins?
Where has the time gone?  He is growing up so fast!

And now, the cake!!!

Happy 6th Birthday, Davin!
...I mean, Ironman!
You will always be 'Super' in Nonna's book.

These last two pics are here just because I love them so.
My incredible hunk masquerading as the Incredible Hulk.
Technically, this picture was taken the weekend before the party.  But our little diva slept through most of the party so I didn't get a picture of her during the soiree.  I posted this to Facebook when I took it, but I wanted to post it here as well.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember eating watermelons at Aunt Mamie Kate's? She has been on my mind a lot lately. We had some great times there.

Happy birthday Davin!! Can't believe you are 6 already. Stop growing so up so fast.