Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Taking Someone Else's Vacation

Way back in August...about the time I quit posting completely...we were honored by a last minute 'mini-vacation' visit from my cousin and her family.  Brandi and Joey decided to take a few days before Tiffany and Sarah started back to school and come down to Texas for a long weekend.

It was such a special time to me.  First of all, I really enjoy visiting with my family.  But even more, it took me back to the days when my children were young and Aunt Fran would come down to Texas for a week of day trip sight seeing or an overnight stay someplace new.

Brandi and Meagan are just a year apart, so many of their childhood 'adventure' memories are the same. This time around, they were able to revisit some of those memories with their children in tow.

Thursday we went to Galveston Island to enjoy a little Beach Time:

Beach Babe Delayne enjoying the waves

Family lunch at Tortuga

The we checked into Hilton's Galveston Island Resort for the night:

Friday morning we spent a little more time in the pool until check out..then we headed to Space Center Houston:

And finally, dinner on the way home...Aunt Fran's choice:

We had a great visit...Bri, Meagan and I teasing them about us enjoying their vacation.  Aunt Fran and I reminisced about watching our children playing in the surf and gazing at all the displays at Space Center while watching our grandchildren enjoying those same sights now.  It was a wonderful weekend.  We just wish that Kelli and the kids had been able to join us too.

I will close with this picture of our entire group from NASA:

Brianne, Joey, Brandi, Aunt Fran, Tiffany, Sarah, Delayne, Davin, me and Meagan

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Anonymous said...

NASA does look like fun. I guess I'm going to have to take off for a few days and come to Houston to see everything I want to see and experience.