Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On Books and Birthdays

"Birthdays in Lucy's world were always celebrated, never forgotten.  There must be cake and candles, cards and presents.  Time must be marked.  Order preserved.  Traditions upheld."

From The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith  AKA JK Rowling

I'm currently listening to this book on CD during my daily commute and just fell in LOVE with this quote. Why?  Because you can replace my name with Lucy's any day.  I love birthdays.  I love holidays.  I love traditions.  And, yes, there must be cake and candles, cards and presents.  (Though at my house, the candles are often forgotten until the last minute.)

And I was reminded that I never posted pictures from the latest Bubble Guppy birthday party.  So, here goes:
The Birthday Girl:
Delayne is 2 years old!

Meagan does an amazing job of decorating

The only way to eat cake!
Her favorite gift of the day.
 Once Granny and Pappaw Duane gave her this one, everyone else disappeared!
Time was marked.  Order was preserved.  And traditions were upheld!

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