Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Man Of Mine

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 For 34 years now he has been my Best Friend and Closest Confidant.  We have laughed together, cried together, planned together, failed together, and been blessed beyond anything we could ever have asked or imagined.

The family...minus Brian.
On this blog I often refer to him as My Hero...and that is exactly what he is to me.  He has loved me like no one else in this world.  He has encouraged me and helped me to become the woman that I am today.  I was a scared little sixteen year old girl who thought she was a woman and thought she had it all figured out.  My Knight-In-Shining-Armor was going to fulfill my every desire and treat me like a queen for the rest of my life. 

Instead, he taught me how to stand up for myself, how to be brave and strong, and how to give of my real self.  He also encouraged me to look to the One who could fulfill my every need...and prayed me through some rough times.  He held me close as we stood by gravesides and wrapped his arm around me as we watched our girls getting married.  He stood beside me grinning from ear to ear with the birth of each child; five of our own and seven of our grandchildren. 

And, yes...he still treats me like a queen.

He is My Hero...and I cannot imagine a life without him.

Happy 34th Anniversary, Jim! I love you to infinity and beyond.


Kelli H. said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are such an inspiration to us. Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!! That was such a touching tribute to a wonderful guy. Not many people have what you 2 have. You are both blessed to have found each other.

Love both of you bunches,