Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good Day On The Creek

Maddux, Jim, Weston and our 6 sand trout.
They made a delicious dinner for Jim, Brian, Deborah and I Sunday night!

On Saturday, Kelli needed some time alone at home to finish up some projects so that they could list their house with their Realtor and take pictures.  She had asked me earlier in the week to watch all four kids for her while Matt was at work.  However, due to a forgotten sleepover with Mommo for the girls, we ended up just picking up the boys.  Since we were already in Sugar Land, Jim and I decided to drive on down to Sargent to check on some work that had been done on the heater earlier that week.  (Good thing we went because it was not fixed! Wrong part.) 

Since we met Kelli at the Buc-ee's, I picked up picnic supplies because...well, you know boys and their appetites.  When we arrived, I went straight in to clean up mode.  I hadn't been down there since October and the last ones there were all men.  (Enough said.)  No, the true story is that on the repairman's first trip down there he had left the main breaker off and everything in our refrigerator had spoiled.  Jim began the process of cleaning it all up when he was down there the weekend before, but there was more deep cleaning that needed to happen. 

The boys followed me up and turned on the television, settling in to watch Teen Titans while eating their donuts and drinking their YooHoos.  (Yes, we are that kind of grandparents!)  Jim wrestled up some fishing poles and threw out a line while doing some work on his boat.  He caught a nice sized sand trout and brought it up in hopes of getting the boys outside for awhile.  They didn't bite...but I did.  So, I put aside the cleaning and grabbed my pole. 

It didn't take long before both boys were down at the water's edge and reeling in our catches.  We sat on that dock for HOURS and they had a blast.  Weston reeled in for me and Maddux reeled in Pappaw's fish.  The fish quit biting just before dark so we headed up to enjoy our picnic dinner, packed up and headed home.

It was an unexpected day of fun with the grandsons.  A memory that Jim and I will cherish for years to come.  Poor Weston crashed as soon as the truck started rolling and slept most of the way home.  After I went upstairs to finish working on the refrigerator, Maddux looked at Jim and said, "Pappaw, I thought this was going to be boring...but it was actually really fun!"  I wholeheartedly agree. 

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