Thursday, November 2, 2017

Friended Simulcast With The Ladies

What? No books are mentioned in this post? You have got to be kidding me!

Three weekends ago we had a fun simulcast event at the church called "Friended".  In it we talked about how to be a friend like Jesus -- to go first, to forgive and to trust in Him for a friendship that will always last.

Here's a few pics from our fun day!
Fonda and the young women testing the photo booth. Who knew Selfie sticks were so difficult to use?


You will see these flowers at a few different events this fall...but here is use #1.
Jim never believes me when I tell him that all of my party decorations come in handy in the future.  He thinks I should get rid of them rather than store them.  Pshaw!
Finishing up breakfast before we start the video.

Assignment #1: Take a photo of your group and post it on Instagram

Lunch at Magnolia Super Burger.  Yes the sign does advertise both Elk and Buffalo burgers!

Those of us who made it to the end of the event snapped a quick pic in the photo booth.
We had a great day and sharing our stories with Alyssa and Amanda made it even sweeter.  Women mentoring women...sharing hearts, lives and stories...that is what I love about Women's Ministry.

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