Saturday, April 12, 2008

Confucius Say

Nowdays I cannot even go to Whataburger for lunch without getting a fortune cookie message. On Thursday I picked up my Whatachicken sandwich and while eating lunch received the following message:

Pictures of grandchildren bring smiles to faces of family and friends.

Lest you think Whataburger has been holding out on you, the message came via email from my cousin, Rita. view of this request, here are a few new pictures of Davin (The Monkey). Tomorrow I will post new ones of Brooke (The Bear). Enjoy, Rita! I hope you get lots of smiles out of these. I know I did!

Sacked out on a Saturday morning with Pappaw!

Jammin' to Rock Band with Uncle Will
Wearing my monkey shirt

Here comes Davin Cotton Tail in his Easter ears!

Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride.

I get tickled riding in the clothes basket!


Anonymous said...

This one looks like he is going to be a card. I bet when he gets a little older there will be nothing he won't try, if dared. He is absolutely adorable. I can see the mischievousness in his little face. The good kind, of course.

I'm really hoping to come over in September to Meagan's wedding. I can't wait to meet Brooke and to see Davin again. oh yeah, you too. ha ha


Brenda said...

He's a laugh and so much fun.
Thanks for sharing him.