Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dinner With The Kids

Last night I was supposed to meet with the ladies of the North 40 group for dinner at La Madeleine's French Bakery. (I always have to do a Google search to spell that correctly!) We have not met since January and I was really looking forward to spending some time catching up with friends. Due to hectic schedules, parenting demands and sheer exhaustion, we were unable to make it again this month. Not wanting to go home at the last minute to figure out what to cook (and with the hubby gone on a turkey hunt), I called the kids and asked them to come into town and meet me for dinner.

We met at Chili's -- that is our 'go-to' place when we don't know or can't agree on what we want to eat. I have to say I had a quite delightful time visiting with the three of them. We do not get the opportunity to just sit and talk often enough. Oh, they all three still live here, but with homework and chores and phone calls...we rarely get uninterrupted conversation time together.

We talked about the season of our lives right now and the changes that have recently occurred. We laughed about old times...especially some of the unforgettable discipline moments. (Even though the couple next to us kept giving me a disapproving look, one of our sons actually thanked me that we had not let him get away with things like their friends did.) We discussed the pain and regret of wrong decisions made. We chatted about our strengths, weaknesses and dreams.

All in all it was a good night, a decent meal and wonderful company. It couldn't have been any more enjoyable if I had met with the North 40 group.

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b said...

I do like this and last 2 #p. it's the family time and there is nothing like talking with your kids over a nice meal. Remembering their childhood and the memories. Yes we have those special times. So glad God chose an inviting evening for the three to met up w/you. Sounds like He had a plan...Much LOVE