Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Joys Of Summer

Summer has arrived with a flurry of activity around our house. The end of school schedules has led to all sorts of comings and goings.

We had family in for Brian's graduation and my mom stayed until last Tuesday. While she was here, we took our annual 'Spring Break' trip with the TxFSCA to Port Aransas. Four days of sun, food and family...a perfect way to start the summer. The pool at Port Royal Ocean Resort is unbelievable. I never made it down to the beach because with three levels of pool, two hot tubs and a swim up bar for food and drinks...who needs to go anyplace else? And the condo we stayed in was fabulous. Out of the seven we have rented there over the years, this one was by far the best yet. (If you are heading to Port Royal, ask for condo 4301. It is newly remodeled and has just about every amenity you could ask for.)

Of course, this past weekend was spent celebrating Father's Day with Jim. We spent all day Saturday relaxing and watching 'The Ultimate Fighter' marathon. Yes, you read that right. I watched a whole day of MMA fighting. I could blame it on Jim and the fact that it was Father's Day weekend...but that wouldn't be the whole truth. I started watching it because of him, but really got into it. I even suggested that we buy the pay per view matches on July 11 so that I could see the two coaches from this season compete against each other. (I was a sucker for 'The Contender' it's first two seasons also. There. The awful truth is finally out.) Sunday, Jim and Derrick golfed ALL DAY in the sweltering heat. That evening, we had steaks for dinner followed by peach cobbler and striped delight. Yum!

Meanwhile, the kids have been keeping the roads hot with trips to visit friends, nights at the movies and attending volleyball games (Jessica's sister plays). Jim and I have actually had two nights out of the past four where we were home alone for the evening. We spent the first one just sitting on the deck talking - uninterrupted. (Last night, reality hit and he was on the telephone for most of the evening!)

As you can see, there hasn't been a lack of material to post about...though I can't get the pictures that I took in Port A off my memory card (they disappeared!). I have just been too 'busy' enjoying the lack of "have to's". I hope you are all enjoying a little bit of down time as well.

We will be heading to Surfside for the 4th...and, boy, am I looking forward to a week of sitting on the deck, watching the surf, soaking up some sun and enjoying the gulf breeze. Maybe I will even take a break from doing nothing and blog a little!

Happy Summer, ya'll!
Try to keep cool!

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