Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Let The Dog Out

Friday night we had a party to celebrate Brian's graduation. Fried fish and boiled shrimp - Yum! But the hit of the party was his cake.
I ordered a bulldog...but I had no idea I was going to get a 3-D dog! He was brought over in a cardboard box and when she opened it up, it looked like a real dog in a doghouse. This was her first bulldog cake and I think he is amazing! It is rare that we get more than we expected, but this was definitely one of those times. Look at the detail.

When the time came to cut the cake...I had a little remorse. It was painful to wreck such a creation. But, lo and behold, he tasted even better than he looked. Thanks to Bridget for a wonderful touch to end a memorable day!

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