Wednesday, December 16, 2009

La Familia Goode

A few more family pictures for those of you who have not already seen them on Kelli's Facebook page.

The Rodgers: Meagan and Derrick

The Hams: Kelli and Matt

The Goodes: Brian, Brianne and William
(I can't believe they aren't punching each other or something during this picture!) [Well, they probably are pinching each other behind the back so that I can't see it.]

Jim and Fonda with the Grandbabies
Davin (2), Maddux (9 months) and Brooke (2)
It was amazing. The little ones grew tired of picture taking so we decided to give them a break and get a few shots of just Jim and I. No sooner than Nicole had us in position than here came Davin sitting down beside his we ended up with Grandbaby pictures rather than one of the two of us. Yeah, we spoil them!


Robin said...

love are there more or did kelli post them all?

Brenda said...

oh these are priceless! love them all great pictures thank you thank you!!