Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tree Trimming Party

A couple of weeks ago, the family gathered at our home to carry on a Goode family tradition...trimming the Christmas tree together.

Every year, each member of the family receives a new ornament for the tree. Usually something that represents a milestone or an experience from the previous year.

If you do the math, you can quickly figure out that our tree has no room for the traditional round balls. Two parents + five children + two in-laws + three grandchildren = more than enough ornaments to fill a tree!

I thought that as each child married or moved to their own homes that they would want to take their ornaments with them. However, this has not been the case so far. They still collect a new ornament every year...but all the ornaments still reside on our family Christmas tree each year.

This year, we gathered on a Sunday afternoon for a late lunch of Kale and Sausage soup and tree trimming followed by homemade Christmas candies.

Brian is showing Jessica the proper way to hang an ornament.

Kelli and Will hanging their ornaments

Derrick has become an 'old hat' at this tradition thing...even though he still wants to know whether or not Jessica deserves a stocking this year. He is soooo competitive!

Meagan placing some of Davin's ornaments on the tree.
As the oldest sibling, she has the most ornaments to hang.

Isn't the tree looking nice?

Putting on the finishing touches!
For the next family tradition, I need to finish my pajama shopping. Christmas Eve always means new pajamas in the Goode family.
How about you? Is your tree decorated yet? Or do you wait until Christmas Eve? Are there any family traditions that you look forward to every year?

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Robin said...

how fun...but when Christmas is over and your ready to get rid of that tree...don't burn it...I want it for the dunes in front of my beach house...if you know anyone else with a real one let them know I want it and I'll make arrangements to come and get it...I need to go to the beach anyway...maybe christmas trees will get me there.