Friday, July 20, 2012

The Circle of Life

Last Sunday the girls and I met for brunch at Artista restaurant in the Hobby Center.  After a delicious meal of Pan Roasted Chicken (Meagan & Bri) and Churrasco, a delicious center cut beef tenderloin with chimichurri, (Kelli and I), we indulged in Tres Leches Cake and a chocolate concoction that was so rich it would take your breath away for a moment. 

We enjoyed the view of Houston's theatre district while we dined, even as the rain fell in sheets outside.  It was the perfect choice for our Girl's Day Out.  It was such a wonderful meal and I truly enjoy the time we get to spend together like that.  No husbands or children around to interrupt the girl talk.  Just me basking in the wonder of the women that the three of them have become. 

As they talk among themselves, I still catch glimpses of their 'little girl selves', especially as they discuss the dream trip that the four us want to take to New York City some day.  Talk of shoes and fashions that leave this oftentimes uniformed mother of theirs out of the loop.  (Truly, I have no idea about designers and such.  But you can bet those three know the latest fashions!)

Then the talk turns to a question about their roles as wife or mother.  How to handle this or that.  Or stories of the grand children's latest antics.  And I sat, wondering to myself how in the world they grew up to be such beautiful and confident young women.  (My conclusion?  By the grace of God.) 

After the conversation tapered off, we made our way downstairs and found our seats for the show. 

We saw 'The Lion King'.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I can't even describe the wonder that overtook me in the opening scenes.  As the giraffes made their way across the stage, I was swept back to May of last year in South Africa.  The awe I felt as Jim and I walked among the giraffes our first day of the trip washed tears from my eyes that I didn't even realize were there.  Poor Kelli, who was sitting next to me, worried that I was in pain from my hand. 

The show was gorgeous and afterwards I wished we had brought the kids because they would have loved it.  I am determined to have at least one grandchild who will attend plays with their Nonna when she is old and bent and needs help to her chair.  LOL!

I know that the theatre is not every ones cup of tea.  But I truly treasure these times with my girls. 


Stacy said...

that is awesome! it is so amazing to spend time with our adult children - seeing what God has done in their lives and how amazing they have become!

Anonymous said...

I wished Brittany and I had more plays here. We try to go to the few that come here and that we can afford. They are so pricey up here.
I'm glad you and the girls enjoyed yourselves.


Brenda said...

Where are you??? Miss you so!!