Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Holding My Breath

I love family vacation.  Love, Love, LOVE! 

And this year's vacation was even better than last.

For starters, we were ALL there for THREE and a HALF days!  Not a one missing.  Every child, grandchild and in-law.  A small miracle I tell you.  The bigger miracle?  We actually took a family picture with everyone included.  Wow!

Also, we shared the kitchen duties this year.  Each family took a breakfast and a dinner during the week...and boy did we eat good.  The funny thing is that, although the girls and I discussed the arrangements, the husbands were more excited than anyone else.  They each got to show off their special skills.  Kelli's meal went from meatball subs to fajitas so that Matt could grill.  Bri's went from hamburgers/sliders to a chopped steak smothered in queso that Josh had been perfecting since eating it at a restaurant.  And I have never seen a man as excited over French Toast as Derrick was.

You see where I am going with all this on Weight Loss Wednesday, don't you?

Yeah.  I was holding my breath as I stepped on the scales this morning. 

And guess what.  The scale...DID NOT BUDGE! 

That's right...I weighed exactly the same as I did before vacation.

No loss....but after all the birthday cake, homemade ice cream and delicious meals...I count that as VICTORY!!!

Woo Hoo! 

I am still 6 ounces from the ten pound mark.


So, back in April I signed up for the "30 Day Weight Loss-athon" over at 52 Weight Loss Missions.  My head and heart just were not in it back then, so I filed all the emails into an online folder to look back over at a later date.  Though I still haven't gotten around to that, Michelle has just started a '52 Weight Loss Action Challenge'.    One challenge a week....I think I can handle that.

This week's challenge is to make a 'What NOT to Eat' list.  These would be foods that we do not LOVE, yet do not hate either.  Foods that are high in calorie count but also have low rewards.  In other words, foods that you may find yourself eating but not really enjoying only to regret eating it later.

Let me be clear, my 'What NOT to Eat' list does not include things I never eat anyway.  Nor does it contain my Favorite things that I eat occasionally.  These are the foods that I find myself eating just because they are there...but I don't enjoy them, so why bother?

My list is pretty short.
  1. Fast food fries - Especially if not eaten when they are really hot. Yet I eat them if they are in the bag.   Give me a bag of apple slices any day.  It is just remembering to order them that gets me!
  2. Store bought cake/desserts - Homemade is a different story altogether. 
  3. Non-chocolate candy -  other than Skittles.  You can't beat a bag of Skittles when driving on a long car trip. 
  4. Non-diet cola - I drank one the other day because I was out of diet...I wish I had just grabbed a glass of water.  It was too sweet and didn't 'refresh' me at all.
  5. Appetizers without a salad first.  SO HARD not to eat what is on the table at a restaurant!  I need to order a salad that comes out at the same time.   Then I will only be tempted by the ones that I really enjoy.
These are all things that I have fallen victim to in the past week or so.  I'm sure the list will grow, but this is my starting point.

What things would you put on a 'What NOT to eat' list?  (Remember, these are not things that you don't eat any way...but things you eat without true enjoyment.)


Stacy said...

that is a great idea - I need to make a list like that also.

so proud of you - keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to think on this a while. Maybe I can cut out some things too.

Great job of eating what you want, calories be damn, and not gain an ounce!!! That takes special skills.

Good luck on your journey to the slimmer you.