Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Too Sweet Not To Share

I snapped this picture just after Christmas. Kelli and the kids were going to travel with us to visit Jim's parents in NE Arkansas. Since we were planning to leave early on Friday morning, they spent the night with us.

Our sweet Elliot just wasn't herself. She didn't want to eat and she fussed a lot. Friday morning Kelli decided to take her to the doctor instead of going with us. It turns out that Elliot was suffering from an ear infection.

But while they were here, poor Pib was worried about her. He can't see or hear very well but he knew she was not happy. While Kelli was loading the car, he decided to soothe Elliot.

It was so sweet!

Don't worry, we made him move right after I snapped this photo.

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Anonymous said...

Elliot doesn't seem to care that Pibb is on her. In fact, she seems pretty happy about it.

Animals are great at cheering up people. Even little people.