Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013...Hello 2014!

Yesterday morning, New Years Eve 2013, Jim and I loaded up in his big Dodge pickup and headed northeast. It was time for our traditional New Year's visit with his mom and dad in Pocahontas, Arkansas. What is not traditional is the fact that for the first time EVER, it was just he and I on the trip. None of the children, none of the grandchildren....just us two empty nesters...on a ten hour journey.

As we drove, I asked Jim if he had any resolutions or goals for 2014. I think I knew the answer before I asked it. He just isn't made that way. He takes the world as it comes at him. No need for big plans in his mind. So I asked him about 2013 and what it had meant to him. Again, nothing other than it went by too quickly.

So, he turned the question on me and I had to really think about it. What was the biggest thing I wanted to remember about 2013?

The first thing I thought was, 'it was busy, but it was good'. I thought of the trips and the times spent with those I love. That was when I realized that with nearly two years worth of counseling I can truly say that in 2013 I lived in the moment. If it was bad, I admitted that it was bad...but I also reminded myself that it wasn't going to be that way forever. Then I tried to find the 'gift' of the moment.

Like the day I drove for eight hours in order to be in attendance for my mother's surgery...only to receive a phone call when I was 15 minutes from my destination that the surgeon had cancelled due to dropping a fountain on his hand that afternoon. Surgery would be rescheduled for the following week. Except I had already planned to stay through the week to attend my niece's graduation ceremony at the University of Arkansas. So, was I going to drive back to Houston, stay two days and drive all the way back to Arkansas? Or maybe I should fly back to Houston, leave my truck at the airport and then fly back to Little Rock in two days? And then The Lord laid on my heart, 'go visit Jim's parents and take his mom to Branson for a couple of days'. Make the most of your time.

So, I did. Living fully in the moment that I had been given. Not pouting over the change to my schedule. Not trying to force something to happen. Just going with the flow of the gift of time I had been unexpectedly given.

And that is when it hit me. My One Word for 2013 had been 'Shalom'. I had just written it on an ornament and hung it on my tree a few days before as a reminder. 'Shalom', peace...that really did sum up my experiences in 2013. Don't get me wrong, there were times that didn't feel peaceful at all. But somewhere deep in my being His peace resided throughout 2013.

"...shalom conveys the idea of peace, tranquility, satisfaction, success, prosperity, healing, completeness, safety, well-being, and good relationships..."

He is faithful!

And so now I wait patiently for confirmation of My One Word for 2014. I have a clue what it will be...but I am asking The Lord to confirm it or to lead me to the right one. I pray that as you looked back on 2013 you saw His hand at work and thanked Him for His faithfulness.

All my love for the New year!
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