Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rest In Peace, Boots

We've had a bit of a heavy heart around here this week.  Monday morning as we were leaving for work Jim's puppy, Boots somehow found himself under the tires of Jim's truck.  Jim never saw him and really has no idea what happened...but the vet said that there was nothing they could do for him and Jim had to make the tough decision to have him put down.
Just the day before we were videotaping him jumping off the back deck and practicing to be our 'dock dog'.  He loved to chase a tennis ball around the living room and to bark at Jim with the ball in his mouth.  He was such a smart puppy and though he didn't take kindly to house-breaking, he was pretty well behaved for a Blue Lacey/Lab mix.

He came to us with the name 'Bama...but you know us Hog fans couldn't bear that for more than a week or two.  It wasn't long before his true name was revealed when we constantly found him asleep on Jim's boots each evening after tussling and again each morning.

He wasn't even my dog...and still I can't stop the tears as I write because I know how much he meant to Jim.

Rest in peace, Bootsy.  You will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Jim must be devastated. We love our pets almost as much as kids. It is so heartbreaking. RIP Boots.