Friday, August 1, 2014

How Did It Get To Be August Already???

Seriously.  How did it happen?

I cannot believe it has been EXACTLY three months since I even posted here.  THREE!  And it's not like we haven't had any news to share.

In the past three months we have:

  • celebrated my niece, Jana's engagement
  • helped host a Mother's Day Variety Show at church
  • traveled to South Africa 
  • celebrated our 33rd anniversary
  • welcomed another grandchild into the family
  • adopted two puppies
  • attended a fire sprinkler conference
  • celebrated Father's Day with the family
  • attended a Swim Party at Robin's 
  • turned 50 (Fonda)
  • thrown a big surprise party (for Fonda)
  • been surprised by my Girlfriends with another night out to celebrate
  • celebrated Bri's 25th birthday
  • enjoyed a visit from my mother
  • attended 'Godspell' with some of the ladies from church
  • spent a few days on Galveston Island with the grands
  • visited with friends at a welcome home party
  • celebrated a 70th birthday with sweet Mrs. Linda from church
  • attended a swim party honoring Davin's 7th birthday
and other odds and ends like appointments with doctors, dentists, vets, stylist; lunches and dinners with friends and family...etc. etc.

Okay.  I guess now I understand why it has been three months since I last posted here.

And so I will wrap up this post with a whole lot of cuteness to forgive my long absence.

Our precious miracle baby, Dayton Everett Rodgers.  
Pappaw deemed him to be 'Everett' upon first holding him.

He was born the day after Jim and I returned from South Africa...which also happened to be our anniversary.  The last two weeks of the pregnancy were wrought with tension over his health.  Upon delivery they found that he had the same knot in his umbilical cord that took our sweet Desi from us three years ago today.  Though he was a bit small, 6 pounds & 9 ounces, 20" long...he is healthy and perfect.  The best anniversary gift we ever received.

What a happy face!
This is a picture that his mother sent to me this morning.  His first 'captured' smile.  The sweetest thing ever!

I'll be back soon with pictures and stories from our other Adventures In Goode Time!

If you think about it, would you please lift up Meagan, Derrick and family as they remember Desi over the next week.  The anniversary of her delivery day is tomorrow and the anniversary of her burial is the 9th.  I appreciate each of you who have prayed for and supported our family through this life long sense of loss.  


B said...

Well prayers are there remembering Desi. Girl nice post full of news you have had so much going on. May the Lord be with you all and blessing be abundant.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile. He lights up the whole room from hundreds of miles away. You can't help but smile with him.