Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday #1

Because there have been so few posts on the blog in the past year, I thought it might be fun to look back on Thursdays to see what has transpired in that time.  Today's Throwback Thursday will be:

Grandchildren Brag Day
Christmas Edition

Davin (8), Santa, Dayton(18 months), Meagan and Delayne (3)

Weston (2), Brooke (8), Maddux (6), and Ellie (3)

Bailey (2 months) and Santa
If you received a Christmas card from Jim and I you have already seen these.  But I like to keep a record of these things here on the blog as well.  Kelli and family were not able to join us for our annual pictures with Santa at Santa's Texas Wonderland this year.  She did a great job of snapping an impromptu picture of the kids in front of their Christmas tree one night before bed and posted it to Instagram.  I asked her to forward it to me so that I could use in on our card and she readily agreed. 
One quick story about the pictures of the rest of the grands.  The whole time we stood in line for pictures (which was a long, long time -- just saying) Delayne could not stop talking about meeting Santa and getting a picture with him.  Imagine our surprise when, upon entering the room with Santa and Mrs. Claus, she backed herself into the nearest corner so tightly that we had to pry her out and Meagan had to hold her to get her as close as you see in that photo.  Then Bailey had her time with Santa and as we turned to leave, we had to nearly drag Delayne out because she was in such deep conversation with Mrs. Claus.  In hindsight, we should have let Bailey go first so that Delayne could see that it wasn't as scary as she believed it to be.
There's always next Christmas!

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