Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday #11

Family Vacation Pictorial From August 2015

Last year the kids went together and gave Jim and I our favorite kind of gift -- 
time together with the family.  
Here are our memories in pictures.

There was a giant moon while we were staying at the Sargent house and the way it's light pierced through the clouds onto the water and cast the silhouette of the palm trees on our first night there was eerily beautiful.

I just love this picture of Brian in his pink flamingo shirt.
Such a contrast to that bearded face!

The grands enjoyed long days in the kiddy pool that we set up on the deck.

The house the kids rented was named Pelican Point and the pelicans did not disappoint.
They flew by in groups of three to nearly twenty all day long.

Will and Derrick were Davin's net men for crabbing.
He had two to three crab strings baited with chicken thighs out most of the weekend.
He would run from one to the other yelling, 'net, net, net!'

The sunset over Caney Creek

Brian and Deborah trying a little fishing.

The house had a telescope and this was the best picture that Deborah and I could snap of the moon through it's lens.

Will caught an eel!

Auntie and Dayton enjoying the water

Diva fishing -- and she must be working hard at it.
Look at that tongue.

Maddux, Brooke and Davin as we celebrated Davin's 8th birthday with cake and ice cream.

Our Family

My Hero spent the majority of the trip sitting in this chair with his fishing pole at hand.

The Gang's all here!
Kelli, Matt and the family were only able to make it out for one afternoon and we got family pics while we could!

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Anonymous said...

That is my kind of vacation - relaxing and watching the kids. The kiddo's looked like they had a ball!! I can remember when your family just consisted of you and Jim. Now you have a whole baseball team!! You and Jim have been truly blessed over the years!! Although it may not always feel that way when it comes time to buy Christmas presents for all the kids and grandkids (ha ha). Family memories are the best kind.