Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday #13

October 27, 2015
Time to Pay the Piper!

I lost a football bet when Josh's Texas A&M Aggies beat my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks last fall. He took his time in delivering the flag that I was required to fly throughout the remainder of the football season. But boy, did he do it up good for me!
Darth Vader and Texas A&M
It is a fitting slogan though as I was sure that my Razorbacks could pull out the Win!

My office was filled with maroon and white balloons.  I broke out in laughter and hives just walking in...but I left it just like this until the balloons finally fell.

My office after the balloons fell.  You can't even see the chair that sits in front of my desk.  We chased down stray ones for a week!

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