Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Easter Peeps

As you can tell, the Easter pictures were mostly about the grand babies...but I did get a few of my favorite Easter Peeps too.
Kelli with Brooke and Maddux. She really is a very nurturing mom.

Derrick, Davin and Meagan...this was the best picture out of several taken. The sun was just so bright!

Kelli and Will. I can't believe how tall he is getting! What has happened to my baby boy?

The three Goode girls...princesses all! Kelli, Meagan and Brianne. We tried to tell them as they were growing up that they would become the best of friends one day. That day is here. They talk to each other more than they talk to me and Jim these days.

And this is the only picture we got of Brian all day...other than overall shots from the egg hunt. He had been in San Marcos for the weekend visiting a friend and had just arrived back home around 1:30 on Sunday. I think he was too tired from his late night playing video games at the EMS station to join in much of the action.
It was great having all five of them at home at once. After the egg hunt, the guys finished watching the Shell Houston Open on television and then we pulled out the board games. Cranium beat out Monopoly, Taboo and Outburst. The teams were: Meagan & Derrick; Brian & Will; Kelli & Bri; and finally, me and Jim. The parents pulled out the win...though Kelli and Bri were hot on our tails.
All in all, me and my Peeps had a pretty good day!


Anonymous said...

I keep telling Paige and Brittany that too. So far that day hasn't come yet. ha ha. But I keep praying for miracle.

Wait until the rest of the children get married and start having families of their own. You will so many kids around you will have to hid 100's of eggs so everyone will get plenty. I know you look forward to that day.


Stacy said...

Looks like you all had a really wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the pictures. I almost feel like I was there with ya'll. You're like me, I have to look up to see my baby in the face. He takes after is Papaw Fulton I guess,I come to his shoulders! You have a beautiful family. Love ya'll Aunt Fran