Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode To Spring

Spring in Texas can be an odd thing.

As odd as the sign in this pasture full of Longhorns that tells the passerby to "Put A Longhorn In Your Yard". Yeah, 'cause Longhorns in the front yards of Texas are as common as gnomes in the gardens of the Netherlands, right?

We are still experiencing the crazy, mixed up weather patterns around here. Most years in early to mid-March we get a few 'spring-like' days in a row and we joke that you better get outside and enjoy it because summer will be here by week's end. This year, spring has decided to stick around for nearly a month. And we are loving it.

See my tree? This picture was actually taken in mid-March and the leaves have filled out considerably since then.

I planted these strawberries around the same time. I would like to say that if I took a picture of them today they would look even better. But a few cool snaps have stunted their growth and they look much the same as they did the day I planted them!

This beautiful Wisteria grows along one of the roads I travel to work. The blooms fell off around Easter...but they were amazing while they lasted.

(NOTE TO SELF: buy a wisteria plant this year!)

And this amazing display of wildflowers growing along the ditch bank at my third stop sign has delighted me for weeks on end!

These grow along the road opposite our property and I just know that Jim is going to mow them soon. So, I stopped and walked out amongst them to take a picture the other day, just so I could remember how pretty it is.

These beauties were an early spring delight, until the cows came home...then they ate them!

As much as I want to remember the sights and sounds of our amazing Houston Spring of 2010, I would be remiss if I didn't share the sight closest and dearest to my heart these days.

Yeah, the price we pay for having a long and enjoyable spring!

(I know the picture is blurry, but if it makes you feel any better, I see blurry most of the time from the allergies anyway!)


Anonymous said...

I've been on Claritin D for almost a month now. How can your nose run and be stopped up at the same time?!?!? Allen and I have been enjoying the wisteria too. Too bad it only flowers about 2 weeks. Spring and summer it at least has green leaves on it. During the fall and winter months it looks like a dead vine in your yard.


Robin said...

so are you carrying around a camera all the time these days? looks like you need a Project 365 :)

Fonda said...

Rita, I have been on Zyrtec since October...but it's not doing much against this stuff!

Robin, yes, I am carrying my pocket camera around with me MOST of the time...but I do not have an interesting enough life for a Project 365! You would see pictures of the highway and my computer most days!!!

Brenda said...

Love your post the wonderful pics... everything our Lord has created. Keep enjoying these sites and taking pitures.

Feel better girl.

Anonymous said...

Why buy a wisteria when you can go to Momma's and dig them up. You only need one to get them started. Sorry you two are so stopped up, but spring has been beautiful this year. There are more redbuds than I have seen in some time,I think the dogwood got stunted by cold weather, but what bloomed was beautiful. The coreopsis(the yellow flower) will come back year after year.
Love y'all, Aunt Fran

Stacy said...

ah the joys of Spring! The best weather brings those fun symptoms!

Hope you are feeling better!

I bought some plants today - can't wait to plant them and dump that yard of river rock in the flower beds! yeah!!!