Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree: Office Edition

As I mentioned during the last post, we put up the office Christmas trees Friday. Wanna see them?

This is the main tree in our reception area. Most of these ornaments came from Mimosa Rose (Robin's boutique). I love this rustic tree.

This little tabletop tree is in our back office atop the flat files. Since it is beside Danielle's desk we decorated it in green (her favorite color) and silver. Since it has multicolor lights we added a bit of red too.

And finally, my long awaited Travel Tree. I am so excited about this one. Since we couldn't find an ornament in South Africa I chose a leopard trimmed angel to adorn the top. I also took the left over bottle openers and wired them with an ornament hook.

I think next year I will use this tree with the rustic ornaments in the reception area and use the slightly smaller one in my office.

Now to get my trees up at home!

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