Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Letter For My Parents

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am writing to let you know that I am doing well this morning. Here is picture proof.

Dolly and I are having a wonderful visit with Nonna and Pappaw.

We have been playing with singing bear...

...and keeping Nonna from getting bored around the house.

Last night we watched the news with Pappaw while Nonna made dinner.

Then we took a long 10 hour nap. (We were so exhausted!)

For some reason Nonna doesn't look like she got much beauty sleep though. She kept waking me up by putting her hand on my chest to check my breathing. Silly Nonna!

Well, I've been up for a couple hours now so I think I'll catch another catnap before you get here. I want to make sure that I am well rested and ready to play with Daddy when we get home.

See you later!


PS. Y'all are coming to get me today, RIGHT??? These people kiss on me too much!!!!

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Robin said...

cute post

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to get baby duty? Where's big brother? She is so precious. I do remember those days of checking to make sure the little one is still breathing. In fact, when I sleep with Ryker now I reach over to make sure he is breathing. I swear sometimes he isn't. I will have my precious little man this weekend. It will be fun but exhausting too.