Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree (Home Edition)

I have had these pictures uploaded for weeks but no time to sit and write the post. So, here are our pictures from decorating the tree at home. Hope you enjoy!
Meagan and Delayne with her first ornament

Bri and Josh adding their 'First Christmas Together" ornament


Will flexing his muscles

Our sweet Desi's remembrance butterfly

Derrick and Delayne hanging his golfing bear

Jim and Fonda hanging their 'First Christmas Together" ornament for the thirty-second time!

Because this is his Senior Year of high school, Will gets to place the star on the tree

We even decked out the gemsbok in holiday ribbon...

...and the kudu in a Santa hat!
Hope you and yours had a most joyous Christmas holiday!


Anonymous said...

Looks as if everyone had a great time. I don't think Allen and I have a First Christmas ornament. Maybe I need to find us one.

I've started organizing my house and my Christmas decorations. I'm going to have 3 Christmas looks - red & gold, blue & silver, bright green & don't know what I'm going to put with bright green yet but I will think of something. I have each look in a container so all I have to do is take that one box down to decorate.

You can blame you daughter for giving me the organizing bug. ha ha. But I have to admit, an organized home makes me feel better. Just goes to show you how twisted my little mind is, I guess.


Fonda said...

Great idea, Rita. And I think you should do bright green with peacock blue...go get the new color now while it is 70% off! Or hot pink would go nicely too.

Anonymous said...

I thought about hot pink but wasn't sure if it would be over the top. Don't want gaudy but I do like pink & green. Never thought about peacock blue. That does sound elegant. Thanks for the ideas.