Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do You Not Know? Have You Not Heard?

...The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired. 
His understanding is inscrutable.
He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power."
Isaiah 40:28-29 (NAS)

Monday evening's gorgeous sunset as seen from 290
I have been struggling with My One Word this past week, wondering if I was even aware of it most days.  Where was Shalom and what did it really mean?
The week before, I was really honed in to the 'satisfaction' part of it's meaning and I saw the Lord fill my heart with sweet reminders of His love and care.  This past week...very little trickled into my heart. 
Then yesterday, Danielle and I finally made it out for a lunchtime walk at a nearby park.  We had been talking about it for over a week, but the weather or our schedules just didn't allow us the opportunity.  It was a great walk, which is always more enjoyable with a companion.  But I have been having issues with my left foot for the past month and a half, and though it didn't bother me at the time we were was killing me when I got up this morning. 
I could barely step on it, the pain just shooting through my heel.  I honestly considered waking Jim and asking him to go get the crutches so that I could make it into the bathroom.  It eased up a little as I struggled to take the necessary steps, so I made my way into the kitchen to make coffee.  As I approached the coffee pot I cried out to the Lord for healing (preferably without the aid of surgery!)  It was as I walked to the kitchen sink that my eyes landed on another of the definitions of Shalom -- 'healing'.
I nearly cried right then and there!
I had called out, He had heard and He reminded me that He already knew my condition.  (Why does it take me so long to ask?!?!)
Later this morning I was emailing with a friend about the Bible study we attended last night.  We were discussing the word we received through Beth Moore's lesson and how to apply it to our individual lives. 
You want to hear something totally cool?  As I was typing my response to her, I came to see three of the four verses I have been memorizing in 2013 working themselves out right before my eyes.  Talk about His peace...His compassion...His willingness to make me whole...His ability to give me His strength.  I wanted to shout 'hallelujah'.
I think I have found the reason for my foot pain.  WebMD is weighing in strongly on it being plantar fascitis.  Everything fits: the symptoms, the frequency, the onset of it.  So, I am making an effort to do everything I can over the next week to help it begin the healing process.  If that doesn't work, I will make an appointment with a podiatrist because I do not want to be hobbled up for my next Grandmas Trip in late February.
While I am thankful to the LORD for giving me hope that this foot pain may soon be resolved, I have a strong feeling that He is about to do a healing much deeper than my heel.  I think this one is going to be a heart issue...and it is going to hurt...possibly a lot.  And I am going to need to hold fast to this week's memory verse.  I think I will be asked to embrace some pain and allow Him to bring a healing that makes the idea of someone splitting open the bottom of my foot and scraping the bone seem like a day at Disneyland in comparison.
And so it is that I close today's post with a plea for your prayers. 
  1. That I would not try to decide what area needs the healing, but be open to His leading.
  2. That His strength would be revealed in my weakness.
  3. That I would fully embrace His way as what is best for me.
  4. That He would cover me with His hands of mercy when fear begins to consume me.
  5. That my holes will be filled with His wholeness and holiness.
Thanks for your love...and for allowing me to 'be real' with you.  


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a very deep blog today. I can sympathize with you on the healing. I have not always liked the way God has made me a better wife, mother, daughter and Christian but he knew what I needed to make the changes stick. I do know that he will not put you in any more pain than you need or that you can handle. Just trust in Him as I know you do and walk with him as far as you can then let him carry you the rest of the way.

Good luck and my prayers are with you.


Fonda said...

Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement today, Rita! I certainly needed them.