Friday, April 25, 2014

A Few More Easter Pics

Proof positive that William was at our Easter gathering!

Davin (6 1/2) with Parker showing off the lizard he caught in the backyard.

Brooke (6 1/2) found the most eggs.  That basket was overflowing.

Maddux (5) --  it is so hard to get a picture of this boy looking at you.

Elliot (1 1/2) dragging her princess basket behind her.
I just love this sweet smiling face!

Delayne (1 1/2) -- Miss Attitude looks like she's posing for some Baby Gap ad or something.  It was our first time seeing her in pigtails.

Weston (6 months) and Pappaw -- I love that look on his face.
 Like him and Pappaw are intently deciding on how to do something!
Now, is it just me or aren't they all just 'GRAND'???


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all the pics of the grands!!! Yes, it does look like he and Pawpaw are thinking very intently about something. So precious. Delayne looks like she is saying, "yeah, I know I'm cute." Ellie is just so sweet looking. Davin is so proud of his lizard. That will be Ryker one day.


Robin said...

Grand indeed