Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March Recap

What I did: (Warning -- March is a CRAZY BUSY month around here!)

  • 1st - Went to MainStreet America and toured houses with my honey.  We walked and talked and dreamed...and realized that we want to pursue building our dream house soon.
  • 4th - Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday at the office.  We enjoyed a big lunch of red beans and rice with Haydel's Cream Cheese King Cake for dessert.  YUM!
  • 4th - Also the last night of the Tuesday Night Bible Study with Beth Moore.  Powerful!  Moving! And though I am sad to see it end, I pray that the Lord does an even mightier work through her teaching in the future.  Whatever form and wherever that may be.
  • 6th - Ladies Night Out at Rodeo Houston with Reba 
    The Ladies with our driver, David.
    Jenn, Mary, Annabel, Robin, David, Stacy, Teri and myself.
    Stacy's mom, Nancy, was taking the photo.
  • 8th - Stacy's 50th Birthday Celebration  
    Jim, Robin and I surprised Stacy for her 50th birthday with dinner and an evening out on the town.  Oh the stories that we could tell...but won't.
  • 11th - Girl's Night Out at Rodeo Houston with Jason Aldean.  
    Alison, Stacy, Robin, myself, Kim, Bri and Josh...the lone male to brave a limo full of ladies.
     Meet and Greet, Baby!  
    Me with Jason Aldean!
    He has been one of my favorites for years.
    Love his music.
  • 13th - Wine Garden and Shopping Day at Rodeo Houston.  Great time with dear friends, and, oh we also saw Maroon 5.  I didn't realize how many of their songs I had heard before.  (And I got my boots shined for the first time!  They look better than new!)
    Robin and I at the Rodeo Houston Uncorked Wine Garden before seeing Maroon 5.  We bought some really cute dresses that I am sure you will see before this post is over.
  • 16th - Family Dinner at Alicia's with most of the family because our Number One Son finally came home for a visit!  Yay!  We have missed him.
  • 17th - Saint Patrick's Day at Rodeo Houston with Luke Bryan  
    Stacy, me, Robin and Kelley dropping green chicken feathers all over Houston!
  • 20th - Night Out with My Girls at Rodeo Houston with Blake Shelton (minus Kelli who couldn't go at the last minute).
Meagan, Bri and I waiting for the Rodeo to begin. (And this is one of those really cute dresses I told you about earlier.
Not pictured is Kim, Chelsea and Dina who rounded out our group for the evening.

  • 24th - Table of Grace with dear friends who give some of the greatest advice EVER!
  • 29th - Luncheon at our house with the Ladies of Fellowship at Field Store. We had a great time, even though I was so behind with getting Jim out the door to his turkey hunt that the first arrivals graciously offered to help toss salads and make sandwiches.

What I learned:

  1. Listening to the Holy Spirit's promptings can be scary...and oh so rewarding!
  2. Sometimes your input into a situation can bring about a great collaboration.  So, humbly express your ideas and share past experiences that pertain to the situation.
What I listened to:

  • Still listening to Casting Crowns "Thrive"...but now I'm partial to "This Is Now".  It is the story of Peter through his own comparison of his life before and after the denial.  Oh, how I relate!
  • Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party" -- My favorite is 'Play It Again'.
What I read:

  1. "The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath" by Mark Buchanan.  This book was highly recommended at the Women of Faith: Unwrap the Bible Conference I attended in February. And since I had just finished listening to 'Wonderstruck' by Margaret Feinberg where she lit a fire in my heart regarding Sabbath...I figured I had better pick it up.  And, OH MY GOODNESS, did the Lord ever have a holy laugh over me when I picked up the Sunday School book on March 30th to prepare for the next week's lesson on Sabbath!  His timing is impeccable.
  2. Matthew - (most of) John for the Lent Challenge.

I know this is really late, but we are without Internet at home again and work has been so busy that I hadn't taken the time to update on the last few events of March.  I would love to hear what is going on in your life today.

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Anonymous said...

March was definitely a busy month for you. Sounds as if the Lord is working on you. I need to let him work on me. He's always there, willing and able. He's just waiting on me to invite him in again.
As you know we just got through remodeling and redecorating our bedroom. It looks GREAT!!!
I'm so pleased with it. Still have a few things to do (closet system, curtains) as we find them but for the most part we are fini.
Have fun with ALL of your children this weekend.