Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was a Monday.

You know, THAT kind of Monday.

A Monday that followed a holiday...that followed a busy week...that followed a company function...that followed a busier week of preparation.

Papers literally disappearing from my desk. Vendors emailing to ask why I had sent money, even though I held their invoice in my hand. Others questioning where checks were that we mailed in February...even though the other one mailed at the exact same time to the exact same address had arrived long ago. My day just seemed to be spiraling out of control with one problem after another.

And so it was that on Easter Monday, I found myself nearly pulling at my hair and begging The Lord for a piece of Sabbath (and a peace of Sabbath).

Just an hour or two alone.

Just a bit of silence that I might hear Him and find myself.

But it wasn't to be. I had errands to run on my way home. A trip to the grocery store to make. A package to deliver to William. Guests at the house when I arrived. Dinner to make (although it ended up being tacquitos). Time spent with my Hero in front of the television and discussing everything that crossed our minds.


I opened my email and found that we were having a package delivered to the house today. I had ordered a bit of rand for our upcoming trip to South Africa. Not much, just enough to buy a soda at the Jo'burg airport or to pay for lunch on our journey to Polokwane. Pocket change really. We learned during our last trip that you want to have a bit of local currency on you when you arrive. The exchange rate at the airport is horrible. And even though most everyone accepts credit cards, there are always those little things that come up.

For this reason, I had gone online Sunday night and placed our order of rand not sure of when it would arrive. The bank will only deliver to the address on the account...so, it was coming here instead of to the office.

And just like that, The Lord gave me a piece of Sabbath.

I don't why I was so surprised that He heard me or that He answered me. But I was.

And I will also admit, that when I actually received that silence to hear Him and find myself...it freaked me out a bit. I was tempted to fill it with laundry and decluttering and Facebook and television and "_________" (fill in the blank).

But in His tenderness, He met me right where I was.

He sent a message that I needed to hear through my devotional reading.

He revealed my fear of being alone with Him...and my own thoughts.

He wooed me to sit out on the deck listening to the birds and to finish reading "The Rest of God" by Mark Buchanan -- where He spoke to me again of Jacob's wrestling with God.

He reminded me of a broken commitment to read through the New Testament and met me so sweetly in the words of the apostle John.

And then He moved me here, to share with you and to record for my forgetful self that He not only meets our needs but He does exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Hallelujah and Amen!

What are you asking Him for today? He's listening!
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