Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goode Family Christmas 2009: Part One

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, What Happiness Befalls Me...I love to see your green branches all decorated with ornaments from years past and presents brightly wrapped awaiting each boy and girl.
A Christmas sweet!
These two really do love each other!
And look at this happy little face, enjoying his first Christmas.
(It took us fifteen tries to keep him still long enough for a picture.
Most of the pictures are of the back of his head as he crawls away.)

What a beautiful present!
(Don't you just love the tutu that goes with her pajamas? I do!!!)

"Do you want a knuckle sandwich?"
(That wasn't what he was doing, but that is sure what this picture looks like.)

Our littlest Princess.
This was Brooke's favorite gift of the day. A tutu from Aunt Meagan, Uncle Derrick and Davin.

The two princesses pose for a portrait together.


Anonymous said...

Brooke I love your panda house shoes. They look perfect with the red tutu. You are a fashion maven like your Aunt Meagan and Great Aunt Rosa.

Thanks for a peak into the Goode family Christmas. I really enjoyed it since I missed Christmas AGAIN this year. I do miss our HUGE family Christmases of long ago.


Miss August said...

I love your grandchildren's pictures!

Fonda said...

Aren't those pandas the cutest things you have ever seen? I need to find some in a size 8!

Thanks, August. I love them too. But I might be a little bit biased! Just a little bit, though. ha!