Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Wonder If They Will Offer A Family Discount

One of Davin's favorite things to do is to brush his teeth...with my toothbrush. This grosses his daddy out to no end, but at least I give him my travel toothbrush which has barely been used.

I snapped this picture while we were in Marion for the New Year. He prefers my electric toothbrush, so for Christmas I made sure that there was one in his stocking. A character one, of course.
I got to thinking, maybe he is going to grow up to be a dentist.
And then I came across this picture of Brooke, also from our trip to Marion.
She is checking that baby doll over good with an LED flashlight. That baby doll should not have any problems with strep throat...blindness from that light maybe, but no sore throat can escape that beam.

Maybe she is going to be a doctor some day.

Someone better get busy on college funds for these two!


Robin said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Nanna, you better get to work on college tuition. ha ha.

Maybe they will be so smart they will get full scholarships to the school of their choice. Maybe they will go to college with football, baseball/softball one.

Either way they have great hygiene. What more can you ask?


Brenda said...

so funny!