Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Growing Up Razorback

The only thing that keeps this from being the "Perfect Goode Family Portrait" is the fact that at the last minute Brian was unable to join us for Christmas in Marion. A family all decked out in Razorback Red - Priceless!
Front row: Brooke Ham, Mary "Memaw" G., Bill "Poppy" G., Scott G., and Davin Rodgers. Second Row: Kelli G. Ham, Maddux Ham, Casey G., Sharon G., Fonda G., Brianne G., and Meagan G. Rodgers. Back Row: Matthew Ham, Paul G., Jim G., William G. and Derrick Rodgers.
Poppy is the ultimate Razorback fan...and his boys love their 'Hawgs' too!
See, we start them young! Even if their daddys' would have them in Texas Orange or Cougar Red, White and Blue...we are teaching them to call the Hogs. Davin can already "Woo, Pig, Soiee" with the best of them.
We had a great time at the Liberty Bowl. Even if it was COLD!!!! And I can't say that my Hogs won the game...only that they didn't lose it. Still, to have our first Razorback game be a bowl game that went into overtime was unforgettable. Maybe next year Arkansas could make it to the Alamo Bowl instead. I think it would be a little warmer!


Miss August said...

I love these pictures. Three generations of Razorback fans!

Anonymous said...

What is Memaw's secret? I do declare that woman hasn't aged since the first time I met her almost 30 years ago. Whatever her secret, I want some.

Once a hawg always a hawg, no matter where you live. ha ha

Congratulations Memaw and Poppy for the wonderful family you two raised!!!