Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Arrival For A New Year

Miss January kept true to her name and delivered her calf this morning. They think it is a bull...but honestly, I don't know for sure yet. This is as close as Miss January would let Bri get.

Isn't he cute? Jim says he looks just like a big fat rib eye! Now there is a man who is trying to keep the end in sight.

Of course, she would deliver on the day we are expecting record lows!

If you want to see a few more pictures of him, check out Stacy's blog, "Just Horsin' Around' in the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Keep Jim away from the baby. The older the baby gets the more Jim will see that nice big juicy ribeye. ha ha

I think Bri grew up in the wrong era. She needed to be back in the 1880's on a big ranch.

Congratulations and try to stay warm.


Brenda said...

Congratulations Ms. January and Bri!

Ha rib eye That s funny Ritas right girl...