Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here Comes Our Last Bride

Well, yesterday was the big day. Jim and I watched as our youngest daughter repeated the marital vows that signified the 'leaving' of mother and father for the 'cleaving' to her beloved husband and best friend.  It was beautiful and full of hope, yet I could not ignore the bittersweetness that filled my very lungs.  Bri has been quite the sprite since she entered our lives that early July morning in 1989 and her 'bubbly' personality will certainly be missed around our home. 

Okay, okay...enough of my melancholy.  On to the bridal portraits.  Brian is currently editing the wedding photos, so I will try and post those before the weekend is over.  He also has some beautifully edited photos from the bridal portraits that I will try to get up as well.  These are just a few of the near 600 photos taken on Sunday afternoon...unedited!
Our Country Girl, sitting on the front of her Daddy's antique tractor

Doesn't she look stunning?

This one was her idea.  I love the way the sun hits her face.  She seems to be looking off into a beautiful future.

I never thought my sitting room chair would be found sitting in the middle of the pond island...but these pictures turned out cute.

A picture with the veil. 
As I have said to anyone that will listen, Brianne's wedding attire was so very 'Bri'.  The short lace dress was just what she wanted (though we had to have it altered from floor length).  The boots with turquoise cut outs and that gorgeous brooch bouquet (lovingly made by her sister, Meagan).
We had to sit Jim far away while taking these final two.  We didn't want him to cry!
Yep, our baby girl is leaving home.  Oh, she will always be a part of us and the family ties will always run deep.  But now it is time for her and Josh to strike their own path.

Here's to a future filled with great happiness, hope, peace and a man who loves you well...just as your father has loved me, Baby Girl


Brenda said...

Absolutely Bri and gorgeous posing and staging.
Wonderful pictures!! Thank you. Great job Brian.

:-)Beautiful post

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I do love the last 2 the most. Bri is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Stacy said...

beautiful! I think Brian should go into photography - he must get that from you!

She is a gorgeous bride!