Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Crawfish Time Again!

Last Saturday was our annual Custom Fire Protection Family Crawfish Boil.   And, boy, did we have day full of fun!  There was a bounce house, sand box, coloring pages, puzzles, washers, darts, poker and a LOT of crawfish -- 225 pounds to be exact.  And that's not counting all the corn and potatoes and mushrooms and sausage. 

I didn't take nearly enough pictures...not a single one of the Custom Family or of our own family, of which EVERY SINGLE PERSON was!  But here are a few to share the overall feel of the day with us.
The Custom Crew gathering around the washers pit

2012 Washers Champions
Ezequiel & Joseph (two in a row for Joseph)

Miss Kathy was trying to stir up some trouble in that Alabama shirt...but, hey, how can you smack talk the reigning National Champs!

And these are just various pictures taken of our family throughout the day:
Derrick and Josh

Bri...on the phone as usual

Davin turned the dolly for the folding chairs into his own personal ride-on toy

Kelli chilling in front of the bounce house


Brian's girlfriend...Princess Jasmin

Maddux riding an airplane
Sorry, there were no pictures of Meagan (she was busy setting up), Brooke,Brian, Will or Cali. Really, I am horrible at taking pictures during an event! I tried to visit with everyone for at least a few minutes and totally forgot to man the camera too!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Brooke gave Brian's girlfriend her title. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day.

I have to agree with you on the AL shirt. You know there is no love lose between us (LSU) and them (AL). ha ha


Stacy said...

was a GREAT day!!