Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you ready?

It's time for some FOOTBALL!!!

I think I am on Football Frenzy overload.  Jim and I spent last night flipping back and forth between the Houston Texans vs Minnesota Vikings and the SEC opener between South Carolina and Vanderbilt.  (Vandy was robbed!!!  and Jim was a little upset at me for cheering Jarius Wright in for the touchdown against Houston...but, hey, I love to watch former Razorbacks in the NFL.)

After the games, we switched to the DVR so that I could watch the Hogs on College Football Confidential: Arkansas.  I had missed it the night before.

Today I'm dressed for College Colors Day with Razorbacks adorning my neck, my wrist and even my ears.

I hung the Cardinal Red and White from the flagpole at our front gate this morning.  (Woo Pig, Soiee!  I'm so excited for the coming year.)

I'll be heading home in a little over an hour to change into Bulldog maroon and white for Will's first Varsity game tonight in El Campo.  There is a possibility that the whole family will be in attendance to watch #63 play tonight.  (Let's Go, Dawgs!)

Tomorrow morning we will be holding our annual Fantasy Football draft party.  Once again the boys will be getting upset with me for drafting some of my favorite Razorbacks that have moved on to the Big League.

And tomorrow night, I think I might just have to cough up the funds to watch my Hogs play live on Pay Per View.  I really want to see Knile Davis make his return from injury with a big touchdown run for myself.

It's a good thing there will be no football on Sunday this week.  I may need the break.

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Kelli said...

Excited for a new season of football! I'm sad we missed last nights game, I couldn't get my car into the shop before they closed. At least there is a three day weekend to recover!