Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Rewind

Not a good day!  Not a good day at all!

I stepped on the scales this morning ONLY because I knew it was time to face it.  I was not looking for any loss and was just hoping that I had not found all 12 pounds that I had lost during the course of this journey.

Well, I didn't find all twelve, but I got a pretty good start with another 1.8 since last week.  With a total of 4.8 from my lowest weight, that is over one third of my weight loss that has reclaimed it's space around my midsection.

I can blame the steroids for a few of those pounds...but the majority of them are all me.  I haven't exercised since vacation.  I have only journaled my food intake once or twice since then.  And I have enjoyed more than one dessert over the past few weeks.

So, what now?

It is time to rewind this tape and get motivated again.

R = Recommit to my weight loss goal
E = Exercise five days a week for 15 minutes
W = Write down everything that I eat
I = Include more vegetables and fruits in my diet
N = Notice the negative self-talk that promotes feelings of defeat
D = Dress for success  (taking better care of my personal appearance always gives me more energy)

Wow!  I didn't even plan that acrostic.


Kelli said...

i thought you still looked great last night. Keep up the good work mom! Now that i have hit my one week point since having Elliot and most of the "water weight" has passed I am starting my new fitness goals. I have decided not to set a goal weight but rather go by my measurements. I know it will be slow going at first since i cant really exercise or cut calories right now, but I hope with going on walks a couple times a week and eating more raw foods i will see some progress.

Stacy said...

you go, girl! you can do it!