Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday...Better Late Than Never

There I was, in a groove with posting like a champ...and then?  Crickets!  Silence!  Life!

Actually I set up several auto posts last week and that is why you heard from me for days in a row.  Now you know my secrets.

Anywho, I did weigh in yesterday morning and was excited to be down .8 pounds.  My in laws were in town this past weekend to help celebrate Jim's Big 5-0 and boy, did we eat!  Cookies.  Carrot Cake. Mexican. Barbecue. Big breakfasts.  And then we topped it all off with a huge Sunday dinner with the family.

So, that .8 was a relief to see.

That makes me 8 pounds down from my beginning weight and leaves me 4 pounds away from my lowest weight since this journey began.

I will try to be back before the weekend is over to post a few pictures from our Fourth of July vacation...and from Will's scrimmage tomorrow night.

Enjoy your last few days of summer!

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