Friday, October 19, 2012

We Have Been Having A Good Time

Today I will share a few pictures of places we have been this fall.
In early September I attended the Toby Keith concert with my girlfriends.  Robin always gets great seats!  Third row!!!  She bought the tickets to see Toby (below)...I went to see Brantley Gilbert (set backdrop above).  Great show from both of them.  And a great night out with the Girls!

A few days after the show I met some other friends at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land.  I have been wanting to eat here since Robin, Stacy and I ate at the original Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.  (That was in February 2008!!!)  They had told us during our visit that they were building one in the Houston area and we were SOOO excited.  Unfortunately, it took longer to get to our area than anticipated...but here it is.  (Well, it has been there a little while, but not when they had originally planned.)
The building even reminds me of the Brooklyn Bridge!  And can I just say that the pizza tastes just as good as I remember.  It was a wonderful evening filled with good food and great fellowship.  I can hardly wait to see them again next week when we try another NEW place!!! 

At the end of September we were given the biggest thrill when Bri and Josh invited us to an Arkansas game!!  Woo Pig, Soiee!!
The seats were great!  And we were so close to the action!! 
Unfortunately, we were in Aggieland...and we were thoroughly, heartbreakingly beaten by those farmers!
But it was still Arkansas Razorback football, so I was in Hog Heaven!  (Side note: Josh did not get to go, so we were spared the hard core ribbing until the ride home when he called Bri to 'poke the bear'.  I will say, if you have never attended a game in Aggieland, you really should do so one day.  The fans are loud and we had to stand (in the rain) because they refuse to sit down; but it was worth every glorious moment.)

Okay, technically I have never been to this final place.  But as I was sitting in line at the bank the other day I noticed their sign and had to send a picture of it to my sister.  How often do two sisters have both their names in the same company name when neither of them have an affiliation with said company?  (Say that last sentence three times fast!)


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