Saturday, October 20, 2012

Total iPhone Randomness

These last few pics from the iPhone are totally random nature pics. I love the sights that God provides for me every day...what else can I say?!?!
This HUGE grasshopper met me on the back steps as I came in from work one evening.

I love the sight of a fresh cut hayfield.  Especially after paying drought prices to keep our cows alive last year.

An almost total rainbow!  We saw this one evening as we were driving into town for dinner.

My new Office Buddies.
This is our 30th anniversary memento from South Africa.  Jim took the Blesbuck to the left and I took the Impala.  Don't they just look like they belong together?
This was taken at First Colony Mall the night I met friends at Grimaldi's for dinner.  What this beautifully serene picture doesn't convey is that this was the first BEAUTIFUL fall evening of the year.  Patio weather at its finest.

Mothra -- he met me at the back door on the way in from work just a few weeks back!
Have you taken the time to enjoy the beauty that the Lord has placed in your world lately?  I would love to see it too.

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Anonymous said...

Mosquito's are in my world. I look like crazy woman on my drive to work trying to kill mosquitos. I probably look like I'm having a seizure or something.

I'm sure I'm great entertainment for all of the other commuters.