Friday, October 5, 2012

Another New Baby On The Farm

Okay, I knew I had been very negligent of the blog lately but I just downloaded pictures of our new calf to post and noticed that pictures are from September 10th! Man, time sure does fly around here!

Meet 'Spot'.
She was one day old in this picture.  That is her mother, Daddy's Girl, with her in the picture above.
It took me fifteen to twenty minutes to get her to look at me.  Isn't she cute?  The most wonderful chocolate brown color.
Here she is laying in the hay.  It had been a traumatic photo taking sessions with me chasing her round and round the hay ring.
Joker's Wild loves having a new running buddy.  Poor thing, Spot's mother chases him off all the time...but he just keeps coming back, wanting to play.  (See the new baby's white spot on her hind quarter...hence, her nickname.)
And speaking of Joker's Wild...isn't this the sweetest face you have ever seen?
His demeanor just tickles me. 
Unfortunately, he no longer lets me put my hands on him.  Bah humbug!
Until next time!

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