Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Are Good. Really, We Are!

The blog has been so quiet lately. And though I have desired to write, each time I sit down to do so...something comes up...or my thoughts flutter away. So, I thought I would try to catch you up on our world via pictures from my cell phone. Some of these have been seen on Facebook, so I apologize for repeats in advance.
Will's back to school haircut.
He has actually had another one since then, but no pics.  How in the world have we managed to get him in a salon twice since school started?  Football...and a coach who says, "Get your hair cut, Goode!"  Heaven knows he would never do it for his mom or dad.

Josh, Will and Jim scoping out guns at the Hunter's Extravaganza back in August.  I'm shocked we didn't walk out with half of the place.  Especially since I was there!  LOL!

Jim's birthday lunch at Las Palmas with our guys.  He's 50!!!

Bulldogs and opponents in prayer before a game. 
(I think this was Willis.)

Davin standing in front of the HUGE stork that the church placed in Meagan & Derrick's yard to help welcome Delayne home.  It is hard to see his head due to the back light...but you certainly can't miss him in person!

The Bulldogs getting ready to run out of the Doghouse before the Montgomery game.

Will + Dirt Bike + Playing without his safety equipment on
(he promised he would wear it!!!)

= Frankenstein foot....just in time for Halloween!
He had the stitches removed on Tuesday.  Probably will not be playing tomorrow night, but hopefully he will be back in full swing by next week.
Oh, and speaking of Mr. Frankenstein Foot, he has also been spending time with a couple of dentists tyring to get a root canal completed.  Dentist #1 had the tip of pick break off in the last canal.  Dentist #2 discovered that there were actually two tips broken in the canal.  Tip #1 has been successfully removed by the endodontist.  He will try to fish out Tip #2 on November 1.  Poor baby has had a tough couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya Will on the dentist part. I've had to go once a week for the last 3 weeks. At least I'm through until January, then I start all over again.

Those stitches look painful. Listen to you mamma. She knows a thing or 2.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Why would they leave with 1/2 the guns just b/c your there? You buy them more than they do or do they get their money from the Bank of Fonda?
Just nosey.

Davin looks real proud to be standing beside that stork. I'm so happy for all of them.