Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giving Thanks: Day 12 (On Day 13)

Yesterday I found myself so 'self focused' that I couldn't find a single thing to be thankful for.  I also couldn't bring myself to make a post because I knew it would be dishonest to do so.

Isn't it amazing how quickly a sense of gratitude flies out the door when we focus our eyes on self?

As I look back on yesterday, I see that I began with a sense of not being enough...moved onto a defensive position of justification...and ended the day feeling ugly and grumpy.

Yet I also look back and recognize the blessings I couldn't see at the time:
  • Friends to break bread with - literal bread and the Word of God
  • Finding the problem BEFORE it affected the innocent recipient
  • Getting in the kitchen with My Hero to tag team dinner - we are so much more creative as a team than as an individual
  • Face to face dinner time with all three of my boys
So while I am thankful for the unseen blessings of yesterday, I am also thankful that a new day can bring a new perspective and that the Lord never leaves us in our muck and mire.

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